Where happiness is ignited and knowledge is nurtured

Welcome to Interaxcity, the children’s museum designed to foster creativity, curiosity and learning through imaginative play.

Set amidst a scaled-down, indoor “mini-city”, Interaxcity is a place where kids are the community heroes. 

Your child can choose to take on any role in our town. They may wish to be a chef in our restaurant, a construction worker at our building site or a doctor at our medical centre. There are also always openings at the local florist, cars to be repaired at our mechanic shop, or even the opportunity to be a pilot, a postal clerk and more.

As they explore our city, your child will have the opportunity to engage with you and their peers. They can choose to simply interact with the hands-on exhibits or complete tasks based on their developmental abilities (which have been especially designed in conjunction with early childhood educators).  Either way, the emphasis is on blending learning and fun through play, imagination and discovery. 

Delight in the benefits of play

Whilst visiting Interaxcity, we encourage you to disconnect from your devices and use your time and energy to engage in play and exploration with your child. Numerous studies have shown that play is an essential part of a child’s development, helping kids to learn critical life skills such as social interaction, problem solving and creativity. What’s more, parent engagement in play has been shown to be vital to every child’s development and well-being (read more here) –  a perfect excuse to be a kid again!


Interaxcity was born out of our founder’s desire to encourage her own young children to turn off their gadgets and television shows, and to nurture their innate passion for play and fun. We are so excited to share her vision with you and we look forward to welcoming you to Interaxcity soon! 

Where every child feels welcome,

able and inspired

Interaxcity is for kids of all abilities and backgrounds but is best suited for children aged between 3-9 years old (i.e. kindergarten and early primary age). Younger children (under 3 years) are absolutely welcome to visit (and will have an awesome time!), but we ask that their parents keep an especially close eye on these youngsters as some exhibits have small parts.


Our core values are

  • to offer children a safe, inspiring space;

  • to promote inclusive, respectful behaviours;

  • to nurture a passion for learning; and

  • to encourage community engagement

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