Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home. 

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Task One: Teddy Bear Cut & Paste Craft

It's time to invite your teddies, toys and friends to your "Interaxcity Teddy Bear Picnic!  First, you start off with our FREE teddy cut and paste activity, and then you'll use it to design a "BEARy" cute invitation. Click the links below to download the step-by-step instructions and templates developed by our educators:

Task Two: Getting Ready - Something for you and Teddy wear

The invites have been created and sent, teddies, toys and friends alike, are all getting excited for your Interaxcity Teddy Bear Picnic… so what next? It’s time to get outfit planning!

We want you to be able to blend right into your picnic, and what better way, than by becoming a bear yourself! In this task, you’ll be creating your “beary” own “bear ears headband” to wear to the picnic and you’ll even be designing an outfit for your furry friend to wear too! Click the links below to download the step-by-step instructions and templates developed by our educators:

Task Three: Food Preparation

One last task to complete before you host your very own virtual teddy bear’s picnic…Food Prep! It’s time to get creative with what food you have. You're heading on a “food shape hunt” in your kitchen and then, using some of the ‘shapes’ you found, you will plan and prepare fun food recipes! Always check with an adult about what ingredients you can and can’t use, and don’t forget to ask for help with cutting too.

Task Four: It's Interaxcity's Virtual Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Let's bring smiles to children, fill homes with laughter and hearts with love during this difficult time we are all experiencing. 🎵 “Today’s the day, the teddy bears have their picnic”🎵 It's time for your to host your own Virtual Teddy Bear Picnic! We are sure you can't "BEARlieve" it!  You are now ready to share in all the picnic fun.

  • Ask an adult to help you video call a friend or another family member and picnic together. You can do this on different platforms like Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Make sure you take photos to share your picnic with any family who you cannot video call.

  • We would also love to share in your picnic, so please ask your adult to share your pictures with us. Tag us @interaxcity_childrens_museum on Instagram or Facebook or email us your pics to share) We would love to share everyone’s creativity to spread some much needed love and laughter around the world!


More "BEARy" Fun Ideas

Here's some more "BEARy" fun ideas for after your hosting your picnic

  • Why not use the photos from your picnic to create your very own “teddy bear’s picnic” story book. You could print the photos off and write a story, or you can create a video narrating the story yourself. Check out Interaxcity's Teddy Bear’s Picnic 

  • Play hide and seek with your teddies. Take turns with an adult or another Community Hero, hiding and finding your teddies all around your house. We found our teddies hiding in the florist

  • Build a playground for your teddies using boxes, cushions, books or whatever other items you have at home.

  • Play Guess Which Bear: Keep your eyes shut (or use a blindfold) and ask an adult or  another Community Hero to hand you a teddy bear to feel. Try to guess which teddy it is…without looking!

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Create your own Virtual Teddy Bear's Picnic