Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home. Scroll down to see all activities on offer.

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Did you know that even before children can talk or know the correct words of shapes, that they notice them. Why? Our world is made up of colour and shapes and children view these through their eyes. It’s what we see every day!

Our free activity packs are designed by educators and help children understand shapes through talking and visual cues. This type of shape play will provide important building blocks for several bigger concepts that children will use throughout their schooling and lives.

What a year it is shaping up to be! Community Heroes can get into shape with our fun filled activities that will ensure no one goes “pear shaped”! 

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Shape Creator

Colours and shapes are a key way that we describe and categorise our world. Even without an adult telling a child, they will notice that a red flower is different from a yellow one, and that a round bread roll has a different shape than a square slice of bread.

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Make a Shape Book

Help your little Community Hero create and design their very own Shape Book. This fun activity will help your child/ren learn, recognise and sort shapes. Click image for everything you need.

Encourage your Community Hero to be an artist and create these wonderful pictures from simple shapes. Click on image to access this FREE activity pack.

Turn your next neighbourhood walk into an exciting adventure with your little Detectives. Shapes are everywhere and we have created a Scavenger Hunt that'll keep young minds active and the learning, love an laughter flowing. Click on image for details.

Shape Detective Scavenger Hunt

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Shape Bingo


Everyone loves BINGO and our Shape Bingo will bring families & friends together in person or virtually. Play at home together or make a copy for a friend or elderly relative and arrange a video call to play against your Community Hero. Learning through play has never been such fun! Click on image for our simple instructions and printable game boards and cards.

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