Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day 2020 was like none of us have experienced before - whilst we couldn't take Mum, Grandma or that special friend to their favourite café, restaurant or send them off for a massage, we made it one to remember.

Click on the images below to find everything you need to make your next Mother's Day the most memorable Mother’s Days yet! (Grans and special friends included too of course!) 

Give Mum, Grandma or that special friend/care-giver a memorable Mother's Day with gifts money cannot buy.

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Have a TEAriffic Mum? Start by spoiling her with our super easy card, so she can kick back and relax on Mother’s Day. We have included options for Grandmas and special friends too.

If you need help creating your card, click here for the simple visual instructions.

This set of fun coupons are certain to bring love, laughter and joy to "Couped-Up Mums" and things that money just can't buy! From the privilege of private showers, to hot cups of tea, we know what Mums want - so why not gift them our gorgeous vouchers? Simply click voucher image, print, write who they're from, cut them out or forward them and make her day on Sunday 10th May!

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Queen of Hearts

Make Mum feel like she's not just the "Quarantine Queen" that she is, with juggling online learning, filling bottomless tummies with delicious snacks, keeping the house clean, working from home & more! That sure isn't an easy gig! So make sure on Mother's Day she knows she's the Queen of your Hearts. With these simple ideas you can show her how much she's loved and appreciated. Give her a day in at her "favourite" restaurant or Day Spa without even using your wallet or leaving home!

Mother's Day Care Pack

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Relaxing Bath

Show Mum how much you love her with this simple heART activity- all you need are your hands, some paper, and some glue! Click image for template options

Create a Day Spa @home 

Does your Mum love heading to the Day Spa for a special treatment? Bring the Spa to her this Mother’s Day!

All you “knead” is love ….and freshly baked scones! Try our simple scone recipe for Mum to enjoy with that cup of tea. Or maybe you could leave a care package for your Gran, or special friend to show them how much you love them and how special you think they are!

  •  What is your Mum’s favourite food or drink? Enlist the help of an adult, or older Community Hero to make/buy her that delicious dish or drink she loves.

  • Take it to the next level by decorating your “restaurant” with a beautiful table setting, and personalised menu.

  • You could even dress up as her personal waiter/chef!

Create her favourite Café / Restaurant @home

  • Decorate your bathroom with some candles (adult supervision a MUST) or petals & flowers.

  • Add to the relaxed mood with some chill-out background music.

  • Draw her a hot bath with some nice bubbles. Click here for an easy homemade bubble bath recipe.

  • Leave out her favourite book to read, ensuring the bathroom is a NO GO zone for anyone except Mum......BLISS!