Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home. 

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Since the impact of COVID-19, everyone has been a Community Hero. Families, care-givers, children, teachers, medical professionals, supermarket workers, delivery drivers (the list goes on & on....) have become real superheroes without even realising!! We’re calling on everyone to stop and celebrate the superheroes from your own homes and communities. Click on the links below to access each super-powered fun activity. 

1. Deliver a SUPER HUG

To start, we’d like everyone to think about the importance of recognising how special each person is and that receiving a hug during these challenging times we’re all facing is SUPER important for kids. A hug warms a child's (and adult’s) heart, shows you care and is a non-verbal expression of providing love, comfort and protection. Who will you give a SUPER HUG to?

2. Design your Superhero/es This link will provide the templates and simple instructions

Now that you've designed your Superhero/es it's time to get your costume ready! With a ZAP, KAPOW and, BAM, you’ll have a pair of Superhero cuffs. This simple craft will result in hours of imaginative play. Enjoy some fun, creative time with your little one…..then take on a mission and  “KABOOM” your little hero off to “save the world” while you re-charge with that well-deserved cup of tea! Who knows… maybe they’ll even develop some “super-cleaning” powers along the way!

3. Create your own Super-Powered Cuff Links

As we come towards the end of Superhero week, we’re getting ready to mark Anzac Day. On 25th April, we commemorate all the real-life superheroes who served their country in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. We know you’ve been using your superpowers all week, but let’s put your kindness ones to use. Try out our super-easy, super-tasty Anzac biscuit recipe below and spread kindness by sharing them with a friend or neighbour to remind them how special, brave and courageous they are.

4.  Bake Anzac biscuits & make deliver a plate of kindness with a personalised note

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