Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home. 

Calling all little Picasso's, Gogh's, Banksy's & Monet's...

Now that your invitations are ready, it's time to start finding and/or creating pieces of art to display in your art exhibition. Little Community Hero's might have a favourite picture or painting already. We will also be sharing with you some fun artwork ideas which you may wish to create for your exhibition. 

2. All Art Galleries have special plaques (signs) under each piece of artwork to tell visitors information about each artwork. Click the image on the left to access our FREE art exhibition plaque template and get ready to make your own plaques for your pieces of artwork.

As our Curate your own Art Gallery @home activities "draw" to an end, we're teamed up with the very talented Sandwich Bag Dad to show our Community Heroes a simple and fun way to draw one of our favourite cartoon characters - Bluey! Grab your pencils and paper. Click the image below and enjoy creating your very own Bluey cartoon. Don't forget to add your creation to the grand opening of your Art exhibition and please email us so we can see your amazing Bluey cartoon and exhibition artworks.

  • A shadow art box from a delivery box, baking paper and other recycled paper. Click image on left for visual instructions or

  • A sculpture of whatever your imagination desires from any recycled food boxes, paper rolls, catalogues etc or

  • Bring an old shoe to new life by using paint, glue, fabric shapes, glitter and old buttons

Shadow Art Box.png

4.  Cloud Play Dough Sculpture

Enjoy this simple recipe for your little Community Hero to create a sculpture out of Cloud Play Dough. For the recipe, click here.


3. Re-purposed Art

There are so many recycled items we can turn into amazing artworks. For some inspiration, look at the images. What will you create?