Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home.

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We know that, spreading love and happiness is what our Community Heroes do best. Now more than ever, Melbourne and every Melbournian needs love and support.

Let's cover Melbourne in the love and support it needs...

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Create a BIG, colourful love heart

You can show Melbourne your love, by creating your own colourful heart and displaying it in your window or front fence, or anywhere it can be seen. Your little Community Hero may wish to make one for an elderly neighbour to brighten their day, a grandparent, special friend or their own buddy.

When you create your heart, you’re doing so much more than art. Your creation will spread cheer, make people smile, show your support, motivate others and will show every Melbournian that we can do this together.

To make is as easy as 1, 2, 3...One: Draw a large love heart on a piece of card from a recycled cardboard box. Two: Decorate your love heart with paint, pencils, textas or even stick on paper like a mosaic. Three: Ask an adult to help cut it out and decide where you will place it or who you will give it to. 

Read Along Story Time : "I Love You Because You're You"


Whether a growing or gown-up Community Hero, there are so many different emotions everyone is experiencing. A simple hug (to those in our households) can provide comfort and love no matter what age.  

We are sharing a special story book with you. Everyone around the world is experiencing different feelings due to the COVID-19 virus.....but no matter where you are or how you feel, this book reminds us, we are each loved.

Click here or on image to join Lynnie as she reads aloud the heart warming story "I Love You Because You're You". Written by Liza Baker and Illustrated by David McPhail