Below are our FREE activities for all Community Heroes to enjoy some pretend play and serious fun at home. 

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We know that staying at home is “giraffing” lots of us crazy, so our educators have been busy getting lots of

“Zoo-per” fun activities and resources ready for you! We will transform your home into a magical Zoo experience. There's art science, music, dancing, history and so many more exciting learning opportunities for all of our Community Heroes. There will be so much fun that it should be ill-EAGLE!! Click on the links for each task to access the templates and easy instructions.

Here’s what you need to go ‘wild’ with zoo fun:

  • Toilet Paper rolls.

  • Coloured/White paper, or paint.

  • Cardboard paper or recycled food box (eg. cereal box)

  • Pencil and colours. Crayons, texters, pencil colours, whatever you have access to.

  • A printer. Don't worry if you don't have one, we'll be sharing documents that will be easy for your adult, or another Community Hero, to copy.

  • Scissors. Please always ask your adult, or another Community Hero for help with these.

  • Glue stick. Some craft glue,sellotape/sticky tape, a stapler, or even blu-tac will also do the trick.

  • String, or yarn.

  • A plastic, or paper drinking straw (recycled cardboard will work well too).

  • A coin (for the sciencey bit!) 

  • And of course, as always, your imagination, creativity and positive attitude!

Task 1: Binocular craft and Zoo animal hunt

“We’re going on a Zoo Hunt”….but first we need some binoculars! Let’s get crafty and recycle some toilet paper rolls into some zoo-tiful binoculars.  Then you can use them to find zoo animals hiding all around your home, or garden!

Task 2: Super Safari

It’s time to travel to the African Plains enclosure, aka your living room! The first thing you’ll see on your travels through the Savannah, is a walking, running, dancing… giraffe! We’re going to help you a-LONG the way, as you create your very own “Giraffe Finger Puppet”. But no safari trip would be complete, without meeting the King of the Jungle himself… the lion! You’ll have a “roarsome” time crafting… we promise we’re not  “lion”! 

Task 3: The Amazing Amazon

Are you ready to be transported into the Amazon Rain forest? Hop into our riverboat, and you’ll see (and hear!) some cheeky monkeys going “bananas” in the trees. You can make your very own monkeys, and with the magic of science, they’ll be climbing around your house in no time! If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot a snake slithering through the long grass. We’ll help you “boa-construct” your very own “link chain snake”. 

Click on the links below to download our educator’s FREE instructions and templates- we promise you’ll have heapsssss of “wild” fun if you do!

More "ZOOper" Fun Ideas

  •  Get moving with “Animal Action” song by PinkFong

  •  Use our “Zoo Animal Hunt” cards to play “Zoo Charades”, “Zoo-Keeper Says”, “Snap”, or even “Go Fish!”

  • Let your imagination run wild and imagine what would happen “If I ran the Zoo”- when you listen to the beautiful read aloud by Grandpa Tom of this Dr Seuss classic

  •  Have a look at what’s happening in real zoos from around the world:

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Get Ready to ZOOm into Interaxcity's ZOO week