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By making a booking at (and/or visiting) Interaxcity, you agree to the following conditions and to our COVID-19 policies:


(1) Supervision of children

Parents/caregivers are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Interaxcity does not accept any responsibility for the supervision of children.  Parents/caregivers of children under 3 years old are required to keep an especially close eye on these youngsters as some exhibit items have small parts. 

(2) Play sessions

Play is restricted to 75 minute allocated sessions.  All visitors are required to leave the museum at the conclusion of their allocated session - even if they have not been there for a full 75 minutes. At the conclusion of your session, you agree to exit promptly and to leave all property of Interaxcity behind. Interaxcity reserves the right to refuse entry, to remove any person from the museum and to inspect bags.

(3) No refunds

All tickets are non-refundable. We can transfer your booking to an alternative date/time (pending availability) provided such requests are made no less than 24 hours prior to your booked session time.

(4) Conduct Expectations

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated within our facility. Interaxcity reserves the right to refuse service to, or revoke access (without refund) from any patron(s) who threatens our safe, inclusive environment. Behaviour warranting such consequences includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical harassment, bullying, rough play, attempted theft or vandalism, intentional property damage or being under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances.

(5) Food and drink

Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink in our exhibit spaces. You are welcome to take a snack break in the designated eating area. We ask that you refrain from bringing any type of food that contains nuts into the museum. Many children have an extreme allergy to nuts so we strive to keep our museum “nut-free” for the safety of all patrons. No chewing gum is allowed in the facility.  

(6) No smoking, alcohol or drugs

For the health and safety of all visitors, smoking or drinking alcohol within Interaxcity or near the museum entrance is not permitted at any time.

(7) Safety

You agree to abide by any warnings and instructions issued by our staff. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Please notify us immediately if you notice that an area requires sanitisation or attention. In the unlikely event of an accident or injury occurring, please advise a staff member.

(8) Photography

You are welcome to film and photograph in the museum exhibits for non-commercial purposes. Please be respectful of other visitors when taking photographs and/or videos. Commercial filming and photography is only allowed by prior arrangement with staff.

(9) Personal Belongings

Please ensure that you do not leave any personal items unattended. Interaxcity is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen property.

(10) Prams and strollers

For accessibility reasons, we do not allow unoccupied prams inside the museum. Limited pram parking is available in the entrance foyer. Prams with an infant are permitted inside the museum provided your infant remains in the pram. If the infant leaves the pram, your pram must be moved to the designated parking area in the entrance foyer.

(11) Sick Policy

Any visitors who are unwell, suffering from any form of infectious disease (or who have recently been unwell) should not visit Interaxcity for at least 24 hours or until after their symptoms have cleared. In the event that you or any visitors in your care/custody are ill, you agree to notify us and leave the museum immediately.