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The health and safety of our visitors and staff has always been a top priority at Interaxcity Children’s Museum. To ensure our visitors can continue to have a positive experience and fill our museum with learning, love, fun and laughter, we have expanded on our key principles of delivering our mini-city of imagination in a clean, safe & fun way.

These following policies and procedures meet Government and health authority regulations and are effective immediately until further notice. By making a booking at (and/or visiting) Interaxcity, you agree to the adhere to these policies and procedures:

Staying Home: Interaxcity Children’s Museum has always had a sick policy in place -this will be continued. Any staff and visitors will be instructed to stay home if they have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other known symptoms of COVID-19.

Be cautious and transfer your ticket: All tickets are transferable with 24 hours notice. If you have any doubt on how you or any guest party is feeling, or have been in contact with a suspected COVID-19 case, please exercise extra caution and stay home. Click this link to email us with your booking details and a friendly staff member will be in contact.

Physical Distancing: Visitors and staff are asked to practice physical distancing by keeping at least 1.5m away from others who are not in their group where ever possible. Signage throughout the museum and marks on the ground will prompt physical distancing. Seating areas and smaller exhibits where physical distancing is not possible will be limited to one group at a time. All exhibits have capacity limits based on the Victorian Government's density requirements and the specific size and layout of each space. Please observe these limits at all times.

Symptom Screenings: Upon arrival, all staff and visitors entering the museum will have their temperatures checked using touch-less digital infrared thermometers and be screened for respiratory symptoms. Anyone with symptoms or a temperature over 37.4 degrees will not be permitted entry and will only be permitted to return when:

• They have had no temperature for at least three (3) days without taking medication to reduce fever during that time; AND

• Any respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath) have improved; AND

• At least ten (10) days have passed since the symptoms began OR

• A doctor has given written permission

Face Masks: All visitors 12 years and above are required to wear face masks as per the current Victorian Government regulations. This must be a fitted face mask that covers the nose and mouth. There are some lawful exceptions for not wearing a face mask which are outlined by the Victorian Government. Please advise our friendly staff if you have a lawful exception.

Check In: Transparent “sneeze guard” partition has been added to the Visitors desk. Timed entry tickets can be purchased online. We encourage all visitors to purchase tickets in advance to attending and encourage the limited use of cash sales upon arrival.

Collection of personal details for contact tracing: Maintaining a register of visitors is a mandatory Government requirement. In accordance with this requirement, the register will be used to record personal details of visitors attending to support contact tracing. The record will be destroyed after 28 days.

We encourage our staff and visitors to download the COVIDSafe app. This tool assists with prompt contact tracing if necessary.

Visitor Area Signage: Ample signage has been added throughout the museum to educate visitors on safety and cleaning protocols, to remind visitors to maintain physical distancing and practice proper hand washing.

Hand Sanitiser: Hand sanitiser stations are placed at the museum’s entrance and throughout the museum.

Hand washing: Hand washing remains the best way to prevent germ spread. We ask that visitors wash hands frequently during a museum visit and after any of the following activities: using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, eating, drinking and before or after entering the museum.

Feeling unwell whilst at the museum: It is important that any visitor who becomes unwell while at the museum returns home immediately. While it is unlikely that a visitor who is unwell with flu-like symptoms will have coronavirus (COVID-19), Interaxcity Children’s Museum will implement their COVID-19 response action plan to ensure the safety of everyone. Please notify a friendly staff member if you experience any symptoms during your visit.

Limited Capacity: Interaxcity Children’s Museum has always had capacity limits on each session however, this has been reduced to meet current Government requirements. Each child ticket purchased includes 1 accompanying adult. Any additional accompanying adults and infants will need to purchase a ticket whilst reduced capacity restrictions are in place. No adult will be allowed to enter the museum without a child.

Timed Entry: Interaxcity Children’s Museum has always had timed admission. Timed entry tickets can be purchased online here.

Cleaning: Interaxcity Children’s Museum has implemented an extension of our rigorous, routine cleaning, including progressive cleaning in between each session to minimimse transmission risks, especially for high-touch areas. We have also extended the cleaning time to 30 minutes between sessions. The entire museum will be continue to be cleaned and sanitised daily.

High Touch Areas: Staff will rotate throughout the day continuously monitoring and disinfecting high touch areas such as tabletops, chairs, countertops, benches, seats, rubbish bins door handles, light switches and restrooms.

Exhibits: Each child will be provided their own “Trolley of Fun” items to use during their session. This will contain high-touch, frequently used items needed to learn and play in each exhibit space. We will have enough items on standby to cover a whole day of visitors. These items remain the property of Interaxcity Children’s Museum. At the end of each session, these “Trolley of Fun” items will be placed in the “returns box”. They will be sanitised and a new items will be made available for the next group of visitors. For extra safety, we still recommend hand hygiene immediately before and after use of shared items/spaces.

Exhibit Props: Props and manipulatives from each exhibit area will be thoroughly disinfected after each session throughout the day. The museum will be closed for 30 minutes between each session while staff clean and disinfect the exhibits. 

Costumes Strategically Removed: All costumes have been removed from exhibit spaces.