Is my child of a suitable age to visit Interaxcity?

Interaxcity welcomes kids of all abilities and backgrounds, although our exhibits are best suited for children aged between 3-9 years old (i.e. kindergarten and early primary age). Younger children (under 3 years) are absolutely welcome to visit (and will have an awesome time!), however we do require that their parents/caregivers keep an especially close eye on these youngsters as some exhibit items have small parts.

Is Interaxcity an experience for adults and children?

Definitely! Interaxcity has been specifically designed and set up as an adult-child interactive experience. We encourage you to disconnect from your devices and use your time and energy to engage in play and exploration with your child.

Can I drop my child off at a session and pick them up after?

No. Parents/caregivers are responsible for supervising their children at all times and Interaxcity does not accept any responsibility for the supervision of children within the facility.

Can adults attend without children?

For safety and well-being reasons, adults who are not accompanied by a child are not permitted to enter Interaxcity. Any adult that needs to enter the museum (e.g. to find a guest) will need to be escorted through the exhibit floor by a staff member. There are no exceptions.

What times does Interaxcity open each day?

Interaxcity is open to the public for a limited number of sessions each day. Each session runs for 1 hour & 15 minutes (75 minutes). Please check our bookings page to see what days/times are available.

Do I need to pre-book?

Bookings are not mandatory but are highly recommended to avoid disappointment. We operate with a strict cap on visitor numbers for health/safety reasons and to maximise the enjoyment of all visitors.

Can I arrive at any time?

Whilst you are free to enter Interaxcity at any time during your allocated session, we recommend that you try arrive for the session start (if possible) to give your child the maximum opportunity to enjoy their visit. All visitors are required to leave the museum at the conclusion of their allocated session - even if they have not been there for a full 75 minutes.

I am no longer able to make my booked session. Can I get a refund?

Pre-booked tickets are non-refundable. We can transfer your booking to an alternative date/time (pending availability) provided such requests are made no less than 24 hours prior to your booked session time.

Is there a café at Interaxcity?

At this stage, there is not a “real life” café at Interaxcity however we have an arrangement with the local cafés and you can place your orders with us and have them delivered during your session. There is a designated eating area for families & groups to sit and take a snack break. We find most kids are so engrossed by the exhibits that they play quite happily without a food break anyway.

Can food be eaten in the museum?

We ask our guests to refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum in our exhibit spaces. You are welcome to take a snack break in the designated eating area. We ask that you refrain from bringing any type of food that contains nuts into the museum. Many children have an extreme allergy to nuts so we strive to keep our museum “nut-free” for the safety of all patrons.

Can we attend if I/we have been unwell or am/are feeling unwell?

We work hard to ensure children enjoy their Interaxcity experience in a clean and safe environment and in return we expect parents/care-givers to screen their children’s health and play responsibly - especially in light of COVID-19. In the interests of the health of all patrons, we ask that any visitors who are unwell (or who have recently been unwell) not visit Interaxcity for at least 24 hours until after their symptoms have cleared. This exclusion policy is supported by Australian health authorities.

Does Interaxcity have a safe space policy?

We strive to ensure our facility is a safe, inclusive & respectful environment for all our guests. We encourage everyone to be respectful and inclusive and to show kindness and gratitude. We ask everyone to obey our City Rules, use their inside voices, to walk not run and to take care of all the items available to explore and use.

How does Interaxcity deal with unacceptable and disorderly behaviour?

Unacceptable and/or disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated. Interaxcity reserves the right to refuse service to, or revoke access (without refund) from any patron(s) who threatens our safe, inclusive environment. Behaviour warranting such consequences includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical harassment of another patron or staff member, attempted theft or vandalism, intentional property damage or being under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances.

Are prams/strollers permitted?

To keep Interaxcity as accessible as possible for our visitors, we do not allow unoccupied prams/strollers inside the museum. Limited pram parking is available in the entrance foyer. Prams with an infant are permitted inside the museum provided your infant remains in the pram/stroller. If the infant leaves the pram, we ask the pram be moved to the designated parking area in the entrance foyer.

Is Interaxcity an accessible environment?

Yes. All themed areas and exhibits are wheelchair accessible. Our bathroom facilities include an accessible toilet.

Where can I change a nappy and/or breastfeed?

We offer accessible toilet facilities and a bathroom with a baby change table. At this stage we do not provide a designated breastfeeding area, however parents are welcome to find a quiet space where convenient. Should you require further privacy, please ask one of our friendly Customer Expeience Officers and they will assist you.

Do you offer event, party and group bookings?

You are able to arrange for the exclusive use of Interaxcity for your upcoming event - a birthday celebration, playgroup gathering, kindergarten get together, class social event, school excursion or any other fun-filled occasion. We also offer exclusive use for corporate clients to host strategy planning events, product launches, photo shoots and market research groups in an environment sure to trigger creativitiy and inspriation for your brands/companies. Please contact us to find out more.

What COVID-19 policies and procedures apply?

The health and safety of our visitors and staff has always been a top priority. Whilst we have always had exceptional processes and procedures in place, we have implemented a number of changes to our museum and the way it operates to ensure the health and safety of all our visitors and staff. Please refer to our "COVID-19 Policies" page for more details or contact us at enquiries@interaxcity.com.au